Raven of Copper

Raven of Copper

Every year near the end of January Definitely Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay puts on a wearable art show. The show is called Derelicte - A Fashion Odyssey, and key visual artists in the region are invited to create wearable art pieces for the event. I was one of the lucky artists chosen.

So much fun! My piece this year is called Raven of Copper. The wings are made with copper pipe and wood. The feathers are made of old cedar lath pieces that are painted black on one side and gilded with copper on the other. Nearly four hundred feathers altogether! You can see more pictures of Raven of Copper on my Facebook page.

This is the description that accompanied the performance...

Raven is an Old Soul and keeper of knowledge. A trickster who can transform and imitate anything, Raven lives among us, observes us, gathers our secrets, and pokes fun at us. Raven is protector of our Mother and all her natural elements. Most importantly, Raven is responsible for guarding and hiding our copper until Others stop dishonouring her to find it. As Raven walks among us, concealed in an iridescent cloak of blackness, look closely for the transformation between bird and human. And if you’re watching - or even just lucky - Raven might tease you with a flash of copper.

The music used for the performance is called Sacred Power Chanting Cree (Steven Stanley Mix) by the group Indigenous Resistance. You can listen to it here.

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